Sentimental Journey VI - Savannah Reunion 2011

Sentimental Journey VI was held in Savannah, GA from May 16-20,2011. Many came early or stayed over to be able to sightsee the area.  There were 26 alums present. 

Committee for this reunion:  MaryAnn Charles Eschbach, Pris Pierce Elfers, Joyce Brady Velde, John Florida, Norman Simmons and Marge Alexander Pearce.  Evelyn Bolling provided the Reunion Books. 

Monday evening was our wonderful Cocktail Reception.  Tuesday's panel discussion was chaired by John Florida with panilists Doreen Staight Wiley, Marlene Bentz Rowell, Marshall McLennan, MaryAnn Charles Eschbach and David Nigel.  Tuesday afternoon was spent on a tour of the historic and newer sections of Savannah. 

Wednesday was a free day, some spent it visiting museums and art galleries, some shopped, some walked the waterfront.  Wednesday evening was our Formal Dinner followed by a Sing-Along led by Hilah and Norman Simmons, aided by Joe Wiley and Jake Goldhagen. 

Thursday was another free day, some went for lunch at The Pirates' House, some went to The Pink House.  Friday was our final get-together, a Despedida Brunch. 

And then it was time to say good-bye to old and new friends.  And now we look forward to Sentimental Journey VII to be held in beautiful Portland, OR from September 10-14, 2012.