2005 Charleston Reunion
March 21-23, 2005

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Class of 1950

Front:  Barbara Anderson O'Brien, Jake Goldhagen, Evelyn Diehl Bolling, John Stubblefield, Pris Pierce Elfers, and Charles Search 

Back: Bob Walser, Marshall McLennan, Rod Hall, Phil Bennett 

Classes of 1951 and 1952

Front: Marge "Peggy" Alexander Pearce, Sue Hirst Savage, 

Back: John Florida, Mab Bousman Voelkel,
Norm Simmons, and Louise "Vieno" Ross Molitor 

Missing: David Parks


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Classes of 1953 and 1954

L-R: John Bell; unknown; Joyce Brady Velde, Jaime "Jim" Farre, Heather Alexander Williams, unknown, unknown, George Wigfall, and Pete Diehl

Missing: Wallace Brumsey

Despedida Breakfast

L-R: Mab Bousman Voelkel, Mary McKay Maynard, John Florida, David Parks, and
Joyce Brady Velde



                                            CHARLESTON ATTENDANCE LIST
1946:  Curtis Brooks & Doreen Staight;  1948:  Ann Warfel;  1949:  Gary Adair, Marlene Bentz, Mopsy Golding & Hans Hoeflein;  1950:  Barbara Anderson, Phil Bennett, Evelyn Diehl, Jake Goldhagen, Rod Hall, Marshall McLennan, Pris Pierce, Chick Search, John Stubblefield & Bob Walser;  1951:  Marge Alexander & Frank Fary;  1952:  Mab Bousman, John Florida, Sue Hirst, Mary McKay, David Parks, Louise Ross & Norman Simmons;   1953:  Heather Alexander, Joyce Brady & Wallace Brumsey;  1954:  John Bell, Margaret Brumsey, Peter Diehl, Jaime Farre, Diane Fary, Linda Reed & George Wigfall;  1955:  Frank Eulau & David Sanders;  1956:  Diana Alexander, Millie Fary, Lynn McDonald & Jim Novelli;  1957:  Thea Crovat, Jaye Van Walkenten & Verney Vines.