2009 MacArthur Memorial Reunion
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17  A.S. alums and eight spouses attended the 65th anniversary of Gen. MacArthur's "Leyte Landing," on Oct. 20, 1944, at the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk VA in 2009.  Four of the alums were part of the program.

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              Front Row:  Mary McKay Maynard '52; Hans Hoeflein '49 (Book Panelist);and
  Juergen "Jake" Goldhagen '50 (Book Panelist) 

     L-R:   Howard Maynard (husband); Katie Sobeck (guest); Peter Diehl '54;
                  Evelyn DIEHL Bolling '50; Joyce BRADY Velde '53; Rod Hall '50 (Book
                     Panelist); Peter Parsons '55 (DVD Presentation); Bev Bennett (wife); and
Sue Goldhagen (wife)

(9 alums and 5 spouses are not in the picture)