Las Vegas Reunion
October 4-7, 2018
Orleans Hotel & Casino


Note: This list is based on who has made a reservation at the Orleans. If you will not be staying at the hotel or are sharing a room, please e-mail us so we can include you as attending. If you are looking to share a room, we can post that here.

Note: There are certain common expenses for the reunion which will be shared by the attendees. These include the Malacanang Palace suite and stocking it with beer and snacks. The final cost per person has not been determined since it is dependent on the number of attendees. A reunion T-shirt will be available for purchase separately.  

Updated: Aug. 13

Confirmed names in red are new this update.



Matey Alberto '72 Ross Armstrong '77
Kurt Baker '74 Pam Boyer '72
Carol Baldin '75 Veronica Cruz '72
Pam Boyer '72 Janet Hyder
Andy Butler '72 Jack Lartz '76
Lee Cafage '74 Diana Bomar Matthews '72
Eleanor Esquerra '76 Salim Miro '82
Steve Fellerman '70 Ray Palmer '74
Mary DiCarlo Flashpoler '76 Gina Ragan '74
Brent Gustafson '76  
Tom Harvey '77  
Mark Hyder '76  
John Jones '76  
Janice Kriegel '75  
Doug Marcian '74  
Marion Russell Marcian '76  
Kathy Martin '76  
Jagdish Mirani '75  
Shawn Palmer '76  
Michelle Palmer Alvino '75  
Lisa Pan '77  
Jeff Philiips '74  
Kevin Powers '75  
Linda Quiocho 76  
Beth Reizman '77  
Mike Taylor '82  
Craig Thatcher '82  
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