2010 Savannah Reunion
May 16-20, 2011

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Front Row L-R: 5 of 6 Reunion Committee Members: Marge "Peggy"ALEXANDER Pearce '51; Joyce BRADY Velde '53: John FLORIDA '52; MaryAnn CHARLES Eschbach '52; and Norman SIMMONS '52 (wearing "barong"); and also Richard "Pete" VELDE (spouse). 

Second Row L-R: Rose NIGEL (spouse); Joann ADAIR (spouse); Diana ALEXANDER Kime '56; Heather ALEXANDER Williams '53 (Hidden); Aurora AVECILLA Fruehling '52; Diane SHADBURNE Hazen '50; (skip Norman Simmons); Doreen STAIGHT Wiley '46; and Joe WILEY ( slightly behind: spouse). 

Third Row L-R: Marlene BENTZ Rowell '49; Gary ADAIR '49; Mopsy GOLDING Anderson '49; Suzi MASCHMEYER Weinert '52; Dorothy BROOKS (spouse); Lia Maura FLORIDA (spouse); Curtis BROOKS '46; Juergen "Jake" GOLDHAGEN '50; Hilah SIMMONS (slightly in front: spouse); and Sue GOLDHAGEN (spouse). 

Fourth Row L-R: David NIGEL '57; Evelyn DIEHL Bolling '50; Dick ELFERS (spouse); Don WEINERT (spouse); Priscilla "Pris" PIERCE Elfers '50 (Reunion Committee Member); Art BINGHAM (guest); "Billy" Ann MILLER Maley '56; Eleanor EULAU (spouse); Noelle AYRES Banser '61; Frank EULAU '55; Marshall MCLENNAN '50; & Janet MCLENNAN (spouse).


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Savannah River

Rear of River Street Inn (Reunion Hotel) 
Tubby's & Huey's Restaurant






Original Reunion Committee
 Seated L-R: 
John Florida '52
 Mab Bousman '52 
 Standing L-R:
 Jean Singleton '52
 MaryAnn Charles '52
 Norman Simmons '52

Reunion Committee
Marge Alexander, Joyce Brady, John Florida, MaryAnn Charles & Norman Simmons. Missing: Pris Pierce


Our reunion was a blend of southern charm and the Mabuhay of the Islands.  Four wonderful days, and we were greeted with unseasonal cool weather for that time of the year.  

Our reunion theme was: 
                                        We have come from a Special Time---The post-war years
                                        We have shared a Special Place---The American School of Manila
                                        Which makes us the Special People----We are to each other

We stayed at an historic hotel, the Riverstreet Inn, located in the middle of the bustling tourist section and by the river.  The hotel offered a daily complimentary "Happy Hour" with wine and hors d' hoeuvres and cash bar, where we all congregated every day. 

The first night we had a "Welcome Cocktail Reception" with light food, and many of us wandered out to the shops and restaurants after wards on River Street.  

Welcome Reception

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Diane Shadburne & 
Aurora Avecilla

David Nigel, Noelle Ayres & Chris Larsen

Bob Haydon, Pris Pierce, Evelyn Diehl & Don Weinert


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Pris Pierce & Marshall McLennan and others Sue & Jake Goldhagen Ealaus, Jaye Van Walkenten, Nigels & Noelle Ayres


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      Mopsy Golding

Lia Maura Florida, Joe and
Doreen Staight Wiley
Marlene Bentz and
Teri Thompson


Second day, in the morning, was the Theme Panel, to share memories of the American School, with moderator, John Florida '52, and 5 panelists:  Doreen Staight Wiley '46; Marlene Bentz Rowell '49;  Marshall McLennan '50;  MaryAnn Charles Eschbach '52; and David Nigel '57.  Many fun times were remembered as well as emotional memories of the war. 


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Doreen Staight, Marlene Bentz, John Florida, Marshall McLennan, MaryAnn Charles, 
and David Nigel
3 Alexanders: 
Heather, Marge & Diana
Bob Haydon, Joe Wiley & 
Jaye Van Wolkenten


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Lunch at Huey's Dinner at Olde Pink House
L-R: Marlene Bentz, Noelle Ayres
Teri Thompson, Evelyn Diehl 
and Mopsy Golding

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